let your imagination fly!

Take a risk. Take the beginning of an idea, an idea that’s been just out of your mind’s reach. Take an idea that’s been rattling in your mind for months. Take a brand-new idea. Use the space to stretch your imagination.

Chispa is a performance space that encourages artists to share new pieces (or parts of pieces, or pieces in the process of becoming larger pieces) with a supportive audience.

Shows are curated and run with a theme. The themes exist to get the creative minds going, but please don’t feel that adherence to a theme is a requirement.  If there is not enough space this time, there will next month. The show runs every month;  there will be space for all! 

We welcome all creative disciplines, all ages, and all levels.

We are wonderfully supported by Aircraft Aerial Arts.

Let the spark fly.

Ready to join us?

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